Donations and Sponsorship Opportunities

We’re soliciting donations for Women in Sports, Collegiate, Professional tournaments and our ever-expanding Youth Groups. Using certified coaches, the U.S. Handball Association (USHA) membership, amateurs, and pros alike have together trained over 10,000 children.  We want to expand nationwide and need your support for Youth Development programs and tournaments.

female The U.S. Handball Association currently has over 6,000 members.  It is a Top Rated Charity 501(c)3 with the Independent Charities Seal of Excellence.  Fewer than 5% of charities meet or exceed these standards.

Donation Instructions:

  1. Click here to go to USHA Online Donation Store
  2. Select the “FIRST ACE® Development Fund”
  3. At check out, write in the  ADD COMMENTS box:  Lift Up Kids

Please direct any questions or suggestions to:

Shelley Damon
USHA Sales & Promotions Manager
Austin, TX


2333 N. Tucson Blvd.
Tucson AZ  85716




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